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Eye-catching 2d video animation services to impress your viewers

Colorless content without any visually appealing graphics is of no use. That’s something we can help you avoid. At 360DigitalPros, we offer 2D animation services in the USA to keep your consumers hooked to the screen. It can be motion graphics, infographics, whiteboard animation, animated video, or an animated logo – you can count on our 2D animation production services to fulfill your ambitions.

Animation video is more than just a bunch of moving objects and characters. You need all bases covered from sound effects, timing, placement, and other factors to impress your viewers. That’s where we make sure you get top-notched services at reasonable prices. As a client-centric 2D animation company, we don’t compromise on your experience. Instead, we go the extra mile to achieve your praise. This includes having a diligent multilingual team of animators for high-profiled 2D animation videos in multiple languages. So, if you’re looking for the best 2D animation service company in the USA, you’re at the right place to start.

Our 2d video animation services

360DigitalPros gives a new meaning to the word ‘creativity.’ We understand your business model and preference to deliver a 2D animation video and attract your viewers' attention. Here are some of our 2D video animation services to appeal to your viewers and convert them into clients.

Kinetic Typography:

Different fonts, shapes, sizes, and structures contribute to delivering a creative message. We use these objects in our kinetic typography to develop an engaging 2D animation. Our typography can influence your audiences to explore your business and convert to your clients.

Infographics Videos:

Stats, numbers, charts – all can be boring to view. To serve the purpose and engage your viewers, you need our insightful and thought-provoking infographic videos. Our infographics videos are perfect for you to sprinkle life in boring content and gain the praise of your future client.

Shape Animation:

When you pay attention, we’re all surrounded by different shapes everywhere. So, why not use these shapes to create eye-catching animations? That’s only a part of what we do as a 2D animation company. We have a knack for selecting the right colors, sounds, and transitions to enhance the effectiveness.

Environment Animation:

A large focus of the viewer is in the foreground, but that’s not all. You may have viewers wanting the environment to be spot on, which is where we come in. Our experts develop relevant 2D animations that get through to your potential client, making way for a future business proposition.

What makes us stand out?

Having trouble finding a reliable 2D animation company in the USA? We’ll make it easy for you by telling you why 360DigitalPros is the right partner to do business with.


Our budget-friendly 2D animation services are what your business needs for rapid growth, avoiding major financial implications.

Experienced Team:

We have a rigorous recruiting process to ensure we only have proven individuals working on your 2D animation project.

Fast Delivery:

Time management is something we pride ourselves on. Instead of making excuses, we deliver your 2D animation before the mutually agreed deadline.

Client Satisfaction:

We don’t consider our tasks to be complete after delivering your 2D animation project. Instead, our goal is to achieve 100% satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

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