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There can’t be enough emphasis on how ‘mobile’ the world has become. To create active brand awareness and increase connections, seeking android application development services for your business is inevitable. At 360DigitalPro, we have experience of satisfying hundreds of customers with our expertise in Android app development. Being an android app development company in the USA, we can help you bring your ideas to life and drive your business to unprecedented levels through which you can personalize your communication with your customers.

The in-app purchases and subscriptions enable your users to connect with you on a personal yet efficient level. In this way, your purchase process becomes more streamlined with instant access to information. This ultimately results in increased sales. As a leading android app development services provider, we focus on building safe and secure apps for your business. Additionally, being an experienced android app development company in the USA, we emphasize your apps being accessible on any device, whether smartphone, tablet or pc, so your customers can reach you smoothly. We believe in providing the best android application development services, so you can sit back and relax while our professional app developers get to work on your ideas.

What An Android App Can Do for Your Brand

The Android OS holds a large market share of the mobile platform industry, which makes it an incredible business opportunity. 360DigitalPros understands that, which is why we’ll build impactful and engaging android applications for you. But that’s not all you’ll get. Some other advantages include:

Customizable User Interface (UI)

Although there are plenty of factors that contribute towards determining the overall success of an app, a good UI tops the list. If you choose to hire our Android app development services, we’ll build a highly customizable and personalized platform. Since Google keeps changing its algorithm from time to time, this feature will prove especially beneficial. Any time there’s a new update, we’ll modify the app immediately to optimize its performance.

Completely Secure

The importance of building a secure Android app cannot be emphasized enough. It’s essential not just for maintaining an excellent reputation of your brand but for the sake of your customers as well. Luckily, there’s no need to worry about the security of your app when we’re building one for you. That’s because all the Android mobile applications we make are Linux-based – an operating system known for being completely reliable and secure.

High ROI

Most of the industries today are jam-packed. This means you’ve got a very small window through which you can convert prospects into your customers. An effective way to do that is to reduce your investment while maximizing profit. Building an Android application for your brand makes this possible. Since the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is readily available, our developers use it to make profit-driven apps that produce a significant amount of ROI.

Great Compatibility

The versatility of Android applications knows no bounds. From building an app for a tablet to a wearable device, nothing is out of the question. However, it largely depends on how well a company can utilize this feature. Our team of designers and developers at 360DigitalPros is aware of this situation. They have the relevant knowledge and technical expertise required to integrate any software with your application, delivering a fantastic experience to your customers.

Our Development Process

We’ve built many Android applications for our clients belonging to various industries. As a result, we’ve developed an airtight process that leaves no room for errors.


In the first phase, we gather details about your project and analyze them thoroughly. Based on your specific requirements, we compile a team and assign them different tasks.


After mapping out plans and objectives, we start working on designing and developing your Android application. We’ll first create a prototype to show you a glimpse of the final product.


Finally, we’ll make your mobile Android application live and provide continuous support throughout. Our team will be on stand-by to take care of any bugs the app might face.

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