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If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video must tell a million. Even more so when you utilize 360DigitalPros’ motion graphics services for a powerful, compelling, and no-pause-guaranteed video animation.

We Breathe Life into Stills with Motion Design Services

Holding audiences’ interests is like cupping water in bare hands in the current world. This can remain unchanged if not for embracing technological advancements. And that’s where 360DigitalPros steps in.

We believe that the formula to delivering quality motion graphics services lies in minimalism. So, our process involves using the right elements and powerful transitions to create motion graphics animations.

Using our prowess in motion design services, we can equip your brand with animations that move your viewers psychologically and emotionally. As a result, it clears the way to let your message sink in, helping you achieve your business goals.

Why Choose Our Motion Graphics Agency for Your Next Project?

We get it. Among the masses of motion graphic agencies offering their best, choosing the ONE can be challenging. But not when you know the specifications behind the offers. Instead of boasting about our accomplishments, team 360DigitalPros lets its work speak itself.


While looking for a motion graphics agency, you’ll come across many names. However, you shouldn’t just randomly approach any company. Instead, a better thing to do would be to check for relevant experience. That’s exactly what you’ll get by working with 360DigitalPros. Our team has created motion graphics videos for many clients across various industries, and we can handle all tasks perfectly.


No two businesses are alike. So, why should the motion graphics agency you hire be any different? At 360DigitalPros, we genuinely understand that. For that reason and many more, we conduct in-depth meetings with you beforehand to thoroughly understand your requirements. As a result, what you get are well-made motion graphics guaranteed to enthrall your viewers and increase your brand awareness.


Over the past few years, there has been a staggering increase in cheap knock-offs capitalizing on one-hit wonders. But that’s not how we do things at 360DigitalPros. Creativity and originality are at the center of everything we do. And it’s evident from our diverse portfolio, where we have created motion graphics for clients belonging to various industries, such as healthcare, lifestyle, education, and automotive.

Our Process for Motion Design Services in Los Angeles

As a renowned company offering motion design services in Los Angeles, we work with a streamlined approach. In turn, this ensures a fast turnaround with your involvement in every step of the process.

Research & Scriptwriting

A video needs powerful verbiage to deliver an impact. And since it has to tick three boxes – entertain, inform, educate – researching the topic, industry, and other preliminaries remain a crucial step. After the research, our scriptwriters create the first draft that needs approval from your end.

As a part of our comprehensive motion design services in Los Angeles, we offer script revisions to ensure your satisfaction, and only then do we move to the next stage.

Character Design & Storyboard

Our storyboarding phase details the stills and shots of the images and visuals and how an animation will look in the final form. We start with character design according to the need of your project, quickly transitioning into storyboarding while keeping you in the loop.

Each board varies in visual presentation, containing scene-by-scene visualization of the motion graphics being created. This can include computer-generated graphics or colored-themed shots, whichever suits your requirements.

Voiceover & Sound Integration

We have a talented pool of VO artists fluent in multiple languages, dialects, and accents. This way, you can choose a male or female voiceover artist to deliver the message easily and effectively. Apart from that, we also include background music and soundtracks to maintain your audiences’ interest throughout the video.

Graphic Design & Animation

This step marks the crux of the project where we put our skills to the test, bringing fruitful results every time. We create the final graphics based on the approved storyboard. This also includes synchronizing each animated scene with the voiceover, audio, and music to create a lasting impact. Since it’s the final stage of the process, we perform quality analysis before sending the final version to you.

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