Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting

Our cloud architects will create high-performing cloud environments based on the unique objectives, aims, and requirements of your business, whether they are public, private, or hybrid.

Expert Cloud Consultants

The key benefits of cloud computing remain the ability for businesses to securely store enormous amounts of data remotely and for their employees to interact with ease. As a result, a growing number of companies have begun moving their operations to the cloud. And it would be beneficial for your company to do the same.
However, you must speak with knowledgeable cloud experts if you want to make the shift easy and painless. We’d like to offer our services there. To create a plan, we’ll perform an exhaustive assessment of your present cloud architecture. Based on that, our experts will improve the scalability, agility, and security of your IT infrastructure.

Migrate to the cloud seamlessly.

Experience reduced downtimes.

Support your IT department.

Cloud Readiness Consultation

We’ll do a thorough analysis of your present IT infrastructure to:

Uncover Security Gaps

Our cloud experts employ a multi-step process to both find security flaws and permanently fix them.

Cloud TCO Analysis

It’s normal to be concerned about the expense of the change before going to the cloud. By estimating the expenses of the following elements, we may do that:

Cloud Partner Funding Initiatives

We can guide you through the choices if you’re thinking about receiving financing from AWS or Microsoft so you can pick the solution that best meets your needs.

What Our CRM Consulting Services Entail

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See how we’ve helped people like you with our CRM consulting services that have taken them one step closer to achieving their business objectives.

"360 Digital Pros made the transition to cloud computing simple for us. Additionally, they gave a thorough explanation of the entire procedure."

Jason M.

"Everyone continued praising the cloud's marvels. So, we hired these folks to join the bandwagon, and they did a terrific job."

Eva G.

"Working with Sophie, our project manager, was a pleasure. She listened to us carefully and kept us informed throughout the change."

Hiroki T.